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Last time 'cleared to land' at Berlin Tegel Airport Part 1/2

Youngpilots at TXL The Youngpilots are on tour and celebrate their premiere on FliteLevel TV. However, it’s also a farewell-tour for our old City Airport Berlin Tegel. This will be the last flight of the Youngpilots to Tegel before its closure on June the 3rd 2012, so this is a special tour with plenty of pictures. After our take-off in Bienenfarm, we flew straight to Tegel where we approached on runway 08L. After a short stop in front of runway 08R, a Follow Me guided us to our parking position, which would have been a dream for every spotter. After a short break in TXL, we took off at runway 08R und flew straight through the control zone.... to be continued...We hope that you’ll like our first video on FliteLevel TV, and we hope it was a appropriate enough as farewell to Tegel Airport. Happy landings

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