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1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms") govern the relationship between the customer (hereinafter "Advertiser" called) of flitelevel.tv video portal (hereinafter "flitelevel.tv") and the operator of flitelevel.tv, the krautzer, lynn. MediaEvents und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH For more information, see the imprint. The terms and conditions apply to the use of all the services over the Web addresses flitelevel.tv, flitelevel.at flitelevel.net and a retrieval of all these sub-domains. The following terms apply everywhere and use it for any advertiser to access this site.


2.1 Services: The service provider assumes no liability or responsibility for flitelevel.tv the content and the factual accuracy of all the videos from advertisers. The advertiser is solely responsible for the content posted by him. The service provider is responsible for only the administration, technical support and services such as maintenance, support, etc.

2.2 The scope of the license agreement, is a video portal that provides flitelevel.tv, which allows the advertiser to publish videos. These publications are stored on the server of flitelevel.tv and can be accessed via the Internet by visitors of flitelevel.tv.

2.3 With the storage and publication of videos on the advertiser flitelevel.tv use a vote by the selfsame flitelevel.tv, and flitelevel.at flitelevel.com.


3.1 The Advertiser is obligated to follow when using the flitelevel.tv website, as well as the benefits of flitelevel.tv applicable laws.

3.2 The Advertiser may be used by content posted on flitelevel.tv not violate the law, rights of third parties, these Terms or other principles for the use of flitelevel.tv.

3.3 Substantial, stored on flitelevel.tv published and / or transmitted, may only be flying and aviation in approach.

3.4 Advertisers may not use as part of flitelevel.tv:

3.5 Although flitelevel.tv content of advertisers generally not checked or controlled reserves, flitelevel.tv the right to refuse content for any reason with immediate effect, block or delete them. This applies in particular has come to the attention of content that violates these terms and conditions.

3.6. It is not permitted that the advertiser uses the services offered for commercial purposes. Violators of the advertiser is liable for any possible illegal actions and their consequences from his behavior. Of / the advertiser agree to use all services and used according to the requirements of service provider and properly and to refrain from any abuse, and all illegal activities.

3.7 The contents published on flitelevel.tv without the prior consent of flitelevel.tv not be copied, distributed, or otherwise used or reproduced.

3.8 The Advertiser is not entitled to use mechanisms, irrelevant of whether it is software, scripts or something similar is to use flitelevel.tv in usage, which can disrupt the function of the site.

3.9 The Advertiser may not take any action that may cause an unacceptable or excessive strain on the infrastructure of flitelevel.tv have resulted.

3.10 It is the advertiser is not allowed to block content published by flitelevel.tv, modify, override, or in any other way to interfere.

3.11 The contact is usually via e-mail notification. To inform the advertiser about Veräderungen, improvements or other information about the system, the advertiser agrees that his or her designated email address is also used for the transmission of such information and newsletters.


4.1 The Advertiser flitelevel.tv and agree that the use of Internet-based services also depends on technical conditions and developments that are not within the control of the Parties. The right to use flitelevel.tv, as well as the accessibility of video and data of the advertiser, is therefore only in the context of the current state of the art. flitelevel.tv strives to align its services on the state of technology and adapt to technical developments. This is taking into account flitelevel.tv entitled to limit its services temporarily, to the extent in terms of:

4.2 flitelevel.tv does not guarantee that the provided systems and services available without interruption. flitelevel.tv shall not be liable for technical malfunctions, the cause can not have their own responsibility in the area, nor for damages caused by force majeure.

4.3 The power show-off trying any errors or impairment of the system to eliminate quickly. Entitled to 100% availability of the offer does not exist.

4.4 The use of the system is at your own risk and responsibility. For any damages resulting from the use of the system assumes no liability of service providers. For possible damage caused by the use, provides the advertiser the free providers and to third parties. For damages caused by force majeure, in case of unauthorized third party interference or transmission errors in data providers not liable to the advertiser.

4.5 For all third party claims arising from harmful act of the advertiser, whether knowingly or accidentally on purpose, the advertiser is free to providers. If the providers of third party sued for infringement or other damages offenses requiring the advertiser, the advertiser will bear the losses incurred by his behavior. This includes each one also reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs. The provider expressly reserves for such cases to claims for damages. Specified by the advertiser using the newest technical level data is transmitted. Personal data is protected and kept confidential.

4.6 flitelevel.tv ensure compliance with the statutory data protection. Which are related to the business relationship data on an advertiser in compliance with the standards of the law on data protection in teleservices and the Data Protection Act only insofar as necessary for the business relationship are collected, processed and used. Personal data are handled by the advertiser flitelevel.tv strictly confidential. Nevertheless, the advertiser explained that they agree that that may be stored for the purpose of this contract and flitelevel.tv data collected for internal statistical analysis purposes and anonymously.


5.1 The use of the application and approval is flitelevel.tv ahead as an advertiser. Registration is through the registry on flitelevel.tv under agreement to these Terms.

5.2 A legal claim to admission. With the approval comes through flitelevel.tv flitelevel.tv between the advertiser and a contract for the use of flitelevel.tv (hereinafter "Terms Agreement") concluded.

5.3 The approval is only natural persons and legal entities and partnerships granted. Legal entities and companies may only be registered by an authorized representative designated by name. The application of limited legal capacity, etc. minors is prohibited. The information collected during registration data are complete and truthfully. Approval is given only if the advertiser fills out all required fields correctly.

5.4 The Advertiser is committed to making the application entirely truthful, complete and current information concerning his person. The advertiser is responsible to update this information as it changes. For all the information in the system makes the advertiser, the advertiser is solely responsible. All information provided can not be altered or accessed by third parties.

5.5 flitelevel.tv of advertisers for the use of the services have been blocked from flitelevel.tv is forbidden to sign in again.

5.6 If the registration of the advertiser selects a username and password. The advertiser must keep his password secret. To protect the confidentiality flitelevel.tv the advertiser or by e-mail by phone is still asking for his password.

5.7 The Advertiser is prohibited from abusing his member account.

5.8 A member's account is not transferable or inheritable.


6.1 The license agreement concluded for a period of 12 months. Both the advertiser and flitelevel.tv the license agreement can take effect twelve months without giving any reasons. If such a termination by the seller or flitelevel.tv, the use of contract extended for a further twelve months.

6.2 The notice period is three months of the year. The end is determined by the time the contract or the contract extension.

6.3 The notice must be sent to the fax number given in the imprint, postal address, or e-mail address.

6.4 Cases of specific evidence to suggest that these Terms of advertiser, third-party rights or statutory regulations has violated or flitelevel.tv has a legitimate interest, especially to protect against fraudulent activity, flitelevel.tv can take the following measures:

6.5 flitelevel.tv these measures is set at the discretion and in particular the extent of the damage caused by the advertiser, and the fault of the advertiser consider appropriate.

6.6 flitelevel.tv reserves the right to reject the conclusion of a contract without giving any reason to revoke or restrict use of functions, especially because

6.7 In addition to the described possibility of termination without notice may flitelevel.tv an advertiser also prevent the use flitelevel.tv (hereinafter called "blocking" called).

6.8 final closure can be considered

6.9 A temporary closure would be considered in the justified suspicion of the existence of a reason for a final closure to Section 6.8 (a) - (f) or other reasons mentioned in these Conditions. The temporary ban will be lifted, if not the suspicion of a definitive reason for blocking confirmation.

6.10 In the event of a final closure under paragraph 6.8 (a) - (f) flitelevel.tv has the right to remove the corresponding subscriber account. The Advertiser has no right to lock in the final restoration of the deleted member account. The advertiser are not due to a blocking legitimate claims against flitelevel.tv. For the duration of the temporary closure and final closure in the affected advertiser may flitelevel.tv with other member accounts no longer use and do not register again.


7. flitelevel.tv reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without giving reasons. The revised terms will be sent to the advertiser by e-mail at least two weeks prior to its entry into force. Should the advertiser to the validity of the new terms within two weeks after receiving the e-mail, the amended terms as accepted.

7.1 flitelevel.tv may provide links to other websites or resources, without flitelevel.tv has the duty of providing access to the content of these external sites or resources. flitelevel.tv be responsible for the content, the availability or extent of use of these websites or resources, no representation, warranty and liability.

7.2 flitelevel.tv is not liable for damages of any kind, or losses incurred in connection with the use of foreign or reliance on the accuracy, completeness and accuracy or arose, which were obtained from these websites or resources.

7.3 flitelevel.tv is entitled to transfer with a notice period of four weeks of its rights and obligations under this contract in whole or in part, to a third party. In this case, the advertiser is entitled to terminate the license agreement in writing to the notification of contract transfer over flitelevel.tv. The notice must be sent to the address given in the imprint, fax or e-mail address.

7.4 The license agreement including these Terms is subject to the law applicable to the domestic law of the Republic of Austria.

7.5 Jurisdiction is the seat of flitelevel.tv.

7.6 flitelevel.tv reserves the right to take legal action against the seller at the latter's general jurisdiction to initiate.

7.7 Adjusting differing and complementary core provisions of the advertiser does not recognize flitelevel.tv. The Advertiser waives the application of its provisions against flitelevel.tv terms.

7.8 The Advertiser may have against claims of flitelevel.tv not yet issued with credits or other counter-claims only if the counterclaim is recognized by the advertiser flitelevel.tv, undisputed or legally valid. The right of retention, particularly the defense of breach of contract remains unaffected.

7.9 All statements that are sent under the flitelevel.tv Use Agreement, shall be in writing or by e-mail and are involved in the Disclaimer addresses sent. flitelevel.tv correspondence to the member's account specified in the current contact the advertiser will judge.

7.10. Should one or more provisions of these terms in whole or in part invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Instead of the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be such provision as agreed, the economic purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible. The same applies in the case of gaps in this agreement.